Developing People
Delivering Results

Developing People
Delivering Results

Welcome to AHC Learning Ltd.

At AHC Learning Ltd., my expertise encompasses unlocking your team’s potential, elevating your business, and expertly navigating organisational change, all with the aim of ultimately transforming your success.

I’m Alison Cassidy and I’m not your typical training and coaching provider. I’m here to make learning and development simple, engaging, and a bit quirky. My approach is all about practical solutions and a touch of Scottish humour. If you’re a business aiming for growth, I’ve got you covered.

My Commitment and Unique Approach to People Development

At AHC Learning Ltd., I strive to form genuine and enduring partnerships with clients, always ready to provide honesty and challenge when needed. My passion lies in personal, professional, and organisational development, a commitment that extends not only to clients but also to my own continuous growth.

Empowering Communication: Effective communication serves as the foundation of my business. I assist organisations in tailoring their communication for more impactful interactions, both individually and within their teams.

Understanding Self and Others: Deepening your understanding of yourself, your team and those around you is a crucial aspect of fostering meaningful relationships and driving positive change within your business.

Coaching for Growth: My coaching approach is customised to address your business’s unique needs, whether it involves personal development, enhancing team dynamics or navigating organisational change.

Explore my services

Discover a range of services tailored to meet your unique needs:

Professional Development:

Elevate your skills and productivity with my engaging and effective training programme.

Personal Development:

Unlock your potential and improve relationships with my unique coaching toolkit.

Organisational Change:

Navigate change with practical solutions and ensure a smooth transition for your business.

Coaching for Growth:

Experience tailored coaching that propels your personal and professional development.

I’m not about airy-fairy theories; I offer practical solutions your business can implement immediately. My blend of training techniques, coaching and strategy, along with my distinctive style ensures that learning and development within your business are not just effective but also enjoyable.

Why choose Alison?

“Alison has many qualities that make her special. But for me, what stands out is her ability to communicate, question, listen and above all deliver…. with passion! Not only is she professional but has an approachable and friendly manner. She gains the safety and trust of her learners at the same time as challenging them to take the skills and knowledge that they have to the next level.

Alison is exemplary in her scope, design and build of material, ensuring workshops not only meets the design requirements but engage all learning types. She demonstrates great attention to detail and can easily adapt to the needs of her learners.

Have no hesitation in recommending Alison. A true professional!”

Kerry Henderson, Associate Director, Lloyds Banking Group

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to join me on a journey of business growth and transformation. Contact me today for a chat about how I can help your business achieve its goals.